Home Seller Services

If you are going to sell your home you would be wise to invest in a professional appraisal from Brauning Appraisals. Your local Realtor may give you a market analysis geared toward getting your listing with a high price. But beware, buyers in Napa Valley have unique preferences for homes and access to a great deal of market information on the internet and know where prices should be. If you overprice your home they may skip looking at your property altogether.  If you underprice it...you can lose big time!  As your local appraisal professional we can assist you in preparing your home for sale and pricing it according to the highest possible value.

Professional appraisals from Brauning Appraisals do not cost money, they pay in the long run by avoiding lost time and lost advantage! Napa Valley is a complex market and unless a homeowner studies real estate values on a day to day basis, like a professional appraiser does, it's difficult for them to get a handle on real estate values. We are not talking about how much you have invested in your home, how much you paid for it, or how much you want for it. We are talking about today's true market value of your home. We are talking about missing the market by tens of thousands of dollars if you guess wrong when pricing your property!

Many people are surprised when they find out from an appraisal that the market value of their home is much higher than they thought, so investing in a professional appraisal from Brauning Appraisals actually allowed these people to sell their homes for thousands of dollars more and faster than they thought they would when their home was sold. Others have an inflated opinion of their home's value and an appraisal helped them to realistically price their home in order for it to sell more quickly. An overpriced home will not attract buyers, which means no offers and no closing and that you have wasted valuable time, money, and effort.

In addition an appraisal will help you by pointing out needed repairs and visible deficiencies in the property which will allow you to correct these items before placing it on the market. It is very hard to be objective about your own home because of your emotional attachment to it. A Professional Appraiser is objective and will tell you what you need to know, not just what you want to hear.

For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO)

Homes that are listed for sale by the owner, without the assistance of a real estate agent, are known as FSBOs (pronounced FIZZ-BO). Selling your home "on your own" in Napa Valley will require a significant amount of "homework" if you're going to do it right.

It's very hard to be objective about your own home because of your emotional attachment to it. One piece of advice that is consistently given by the experts in selling your home FSBO . . . .

Do NOT "Overprice" Your Home!

In addition to helping you set a realistic selling price so your home will attract buyers, a professional appraisal from Brauning Appraisals is very valuable as a negotiating tool once you have a potential buyer. We are well known and respected in the real estate and lending community in Napa Valley.  Our appraisal gives you something concrete to show your buyer. It's an independent third party's opinion of your home's value, and not just you saying how much it is worth. Potential buyers know you have an emotional attachment to your home and will be far more likely to give credibility to a professional appraiser's value opinion than yours.

Maybe you feel like you don't need an "appraisal" but you'd still like some help gathering local property and sales data. We are also licensed real estate brokers and we can provide real estate consultation as well as valuation expertise.  Our reports help you to make an informed buying decision. We understand the complexities of buying a home and know what you are going through and will do our best to make it easier for you by giving you a high quality, professional appraisal that you can depend on!

When you order a report from us, you can expect. . . .

  • Prompt response to your initial inquiry: We will give you personalized information for your particular appraisal need. Just tell us your situation and we will make suggestions. Quick turnaround time: Typically one week or less from the date the request is received. If you've chosen to receive a copy of your appraisal or consulting report via the Internet (EDI), you'll receive it within MINUTES of its completion.
  • Appraisal and consulting reports formats to suit YOUR needs: When it comes to appraisal and consulting, "One size does NOT fit all!" We offer a variety of report types and delivery methods. Express mail too slow? We can deliver your report attached to a standard email, or notify you of an Internet site to download your report, the MINUTE it's completed!
  • Quick response to follow-up questions: Our reports are clearly written, understandable, and meet or exceed the Uniform Standards of Professional Practice that governs the appraisal practice. If you have any questions regarding your appraisal, after you've read the report, we encourage you to email or call us!